Anyone Out There?

Back on a nostalgia tour calling out to all and any Room Twoians still active on these ancient blogs lol. Hope you have all been safe especially after what happened last year with the whole virus thing. Probably wont check back on this blog for ages coz I end up forgetting, if you want to find me on social media just search up my name and i should be there. If you see a shrek profile pic you’ll know its me. Good to be on edublogs again lol. Stay safe and have a great life! 🙂

– Ashton (Room Twoian Forever)

Happy Holidays

Hello to no one visiting this blog!,

Its been like 2 years since my last post so I thought I might go and post something no one is going to see anyways. But if you are viewing this, then you are viewing this obviously. Anyway, happy holidays! Hope the one person looking at this has the best of times.

To the one person watching, happy holidays!,

Call of Duty and League of Legends

Hey everyone,

I’m back to school tomorrow and it is Term 4 so I am very excited. I’ve had a great holiday in New Zealand and came back to Australia with a long face but I got over it very quickly. In my holiday, I went to NZ for the first week and then came back miserable, but cheered up with some of my old time favourote video games (Call of Duty and League of Legends). I am on PlayStation so if you want to add me, my PSN is AshFreak50. If you want to add me on League of Legends, my Summoner Name is also AshFreak50. I am a very good teamlayer on both games and I hope we can play together. Anyways, back to school tomorrow, so back to studying for exams and assignments. Well, this post was just to let you know that I’m back!

Thanks, Ashton

The Holidays and My Birthday

Hi everyone,

Just to inform you, I am now on holidays so I will start to post more recently. Enjoy your last week of school KIWIS! On friday 4th July, it’s my birthday as well! Me and my mum will be making a special cake that I will post a pic, method and recipe of on Sunday! On Saturday, I will be going to Trampoline City (Research if unsure what Trampoline City is) with my friends.

See ya later, Ashton

Life in Australia 2013-2014

Hi everyone, it’s me Ashton again and I am going to be posting some great events that have happened in my life since I’ve been here.

First off, I started up a Chess Club in my High School last year when I was still 11! Then I got my first exam result back and it was a B+, then I got more B’s and then my first A!

Then I went into a Cricket Team but sadly, we came 4th! 🙁 And Today, I got an A for SOSE! I will post more recently in about one week.

Kindest Regards, Ashton

Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe

Hi my name is Ashton and in this post you will learn how to make and bake a delicious Chocolate Cake for your family. It is a fun experience for kids to make unless they’re mature enough to make it unsupervised. Children 9 and under should be supervised by a responsible adult. Lets get onto the recipe now, enjoy! (PS: You will need a Cake Mixer, Beaters that stick into the Cake Mixer and a Rubber Scraper)

Just a quick note: Before you start, set the oven to 180 degrees Celsius on Fan Bake (Ask parents if unsure)

Ingredients (Single-Mix)

2 Eggs
150 grams of Butter (Melted for 1 minute in the microwave)
2 cups of Flour
1/2 a cup of Cocoa
2 cups of Sugar
2 teaspoons of Baking Powder
1 1/2 teaspoons of Baking Soda
3/4 of a cup of Milk
3/4 of a cup of Boiling Water (Get parents to do this if you are 10 or under)
1 1/2 teaspoons of White Vinegar


1. Once all ingredients are in the bowl, put the bowl onto the mixer and start mixing the ingredients together on 2 (Mixing). Mix thoroughly for about 2-3 minutes. If you were confused about the “2” in the first sentence, it means that you can turn something at the back of the mixer to the number 2. Make sure you mix the bottom and side of the bowl to scrape of all the Flour and Cocoa into the middle to get mixed so you won’t get any “lumps” or “chunks” in your chocolate mix.

2. Next, get a baking tray and spray it with Canola Spray and line it with Baking Paper. Then, pour the mix into the baking tray (PS: If you don’t have Canola Spray, use Margarine Butter). You don’t have to pour “all” of the chocolate mix in *I usually like saving “some” to eat later*.

3. After that, pop the cake into your Oven and set it for 45 minutes. While you are waiting, use the rubber scraper to get leftover chocolate mix from the bowl to eat.

4. Later, when the cake is done baking, check if it is ready by sticking a fork in the middle of the cake and pull it out. If it has little bits of cake on it, it isn’t ready yet so leave it for another 5 minutes. When there are no cake scraps on the fork (get your parents to do this), using mittens, take the tray out of the oven and place onto the stove and leave to cool for 10 minutes.

5. Lastly, Get a plate, cut a piece and enjoy your delicious Chocolate Cake!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed please leave a comment below on how you went.

Cheers, Ashton (Blog Owner)

Life In Australia

A brand new life here in Australia is really hard to settle into when you guys are gone. But I’ve made some progress during school and it’s not such a big deal anymore. Sorry for not posting for ages I completely forgot about this blog. Lionel Schwenke is here too! Keep on going,be the best you can and hope you dads and Mr Valter had a great fathers day.

See ya later, Ashy (Room Twoian 4 life)

Albert Einstein

Hi everyone,

I’m just going to share a bit of information on Albert Einstein and his invention “E=MC2” if you don’t know what the formula/equation is, then you’ll find out on the third paragraph after this introduction, enjoy…

Albert Einstein was born on March 14 1879, Hermann and Pauline Einstein’s first child. A short time later, the Einstein’s went to Munich where Albert Einstein attended elementary school.

Also Luitpold grammar school. He was an average pupil but already, very early interested in science and mathematics. He didn’t like taking lessons at grammar school because he was forced to learn.

In 1905, Albert Einstein created the world’s famous formula “E=MC2”! His formula states that matter can be converted into energy. In this mathematical equation, E stands for energy, M stands for mass and C for the speed of the light in a vacuum (ca. 300,000 km/s).

Funny Nek Minutes!

Hi guys,

I was just on YouTube and I found 2 funny as Nek Minute Videos!
If you would like to watch it, visit these sites here:”>3xWQ5JJk (also)

I hope you think it’s funny! See ya!

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale


I’ve just been up to date with AMC’s The Walking Dead. People have died in many disgusting ways, stomach ripped open, bit on the neck, being torn apart etc.
But at the end of Season 2, it reveals a secret prison that all walkers could not get through.
It is big enough for about 500 people to all live in!
Here it is: